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Community Guidelines

Exchange Art Community Guidelines

Exchange Art is an open and inclusive digital art marketplace. These Community Guidelines set out the type of behaviour we expect all participants to adhere to. As we strive to build a community that empowers artists and incentivises collectors, we have put together this set of guidelines in the interest of pursuing openness as a community and nurture economic growth.


Respect your fellow members and the Exchange Art employees and collaborators.

- A strong and sustainable community is build based on respect. Please provide constructive criticisms and act based on respect to yourself and to your fellow members.

Engage with us on Twitter, Discord and Instagram.

- We are here to collaborate and grow together, and we love to hear from you: pain points, requests for advice and help, invitations to your first gallery...

Respect Intellectual Property.

- Intellectual property rights is serious business. Artists are forbidden from posting unauthorized, copied, or otherwise unoriginal content on Exchange Art. Artists should refrain from from posting, repurposing, or remixing the work of other Exchange Art artists without permission. If you are unsure as to whether or not an artwork is a prohibited reproduction of someone else's work, then do not tokenize it.

Ask for permission for your art to be minted, displayed and sold as an NFT from people involved in your art work.

- People's privacy is more important than ever. Artists should have approvals from their subjects before tokenizing, displaying and selling their art.

Mint and share with the world your original 1/1 art and editions only if you're authorised to do so.

Pick the right category for your work.

- It is up to each of us to create a better experience for collectors to discover your art. Art labelled incorrectly pollutes the experience for everyone.

Submit the best artwork you have.

- We are giving our best to create the best product for you. Please give your best to create the best artwork you possibly can so together we can attract the best collectors.

Give us feedback or report unusual activity via chat.


Don't use offensive language.

- We are spending day and night building this community. We don't appreciate offensive descriptions, live chat, social media or messages to any Exchange Art employee or collaborator.

Materials minted and/or displayed for sale should not instigate to hate, discrimination, violence.

- We reserve the right to remove from our platform such materials.

Do not impersonate people or entities.

Do not spam (with collections after it has been rejected or the Exchange Art smart contract).

- As tempting as it may be to write a script to buy an edition, please don't. We have penalties in place for that sort of behaviour.

Do not hack

- It is terribly hard to build something from scratch. Help us build, don't destroy.

Do not perform any illegal activities.

- This is a marketplace for buying and selling art. Users are prohibited to use the marketplace for any illicit activities, including but not limited to economic criminal activities.

Do not abuse the platform's capabilities.

Penalties for violations:

- We reserve the right to remove content from our platform that does not comply with our Terms of Service or with our Community Guidelines.
- We reserve the right to apply penalties on spamming and botting behaviour.
- If something doesn't look right, please reach out to us via chat.

Updated on: 10/07/2023

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