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Digital Art Curation: A Guide for Artists and Collectors

Creating has never been easier!

Whether it's personal creations, your impeccable art collection, or works from your favorite artists, you can add them, arrange them, and rearrange them via drag and drop.

Context matters, so don't forget to add text!

You can find a demo here.

For inspiration, here are a few of the exhibitions curated on Exchange Art:

_It's an abstract world_ curated by Lisanne Haack
_A conversation_ curated by Mical Noelson
_Flannel Capital Abstract Art Gallery_ curated by Flannel Capital
_[ what if life was a movie? ]_ curated by Ilan Derech
_The 'Moments' collection_ curated by GokuNFT
[Laurence Antony]( curating the eponymous exhibition
[Scum]( curating the eponymous exhibition

Updated on: 11/07/2023

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