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How to download a series hashlist?

What’s a Hash List? 🤔💻

In the world of NFTs, a hash list is like a digital treasure map! 🗺️ It’s a special list of cryptographic fingerprints (hashes) that uniquely identify digital assets or transactions on a blockchain. Each hash is created using fancy math stuff called hash functions, like SHA-256, which turns any input (like a file or data) into a cool string of characters of a fixed size. 🔍🔢

For NFTs, this hash list is like the guardian of digital secrets! 🛡️ It keeps track of references to the NFTs themselves, their juicy details (metadata), or the exciting adventures they’ve been on (transaction records). This way, it ensures that each NFT’s data remains pure and unchanged, sort of like an unbreakable seal. 🔒✨

How to Download a Series’ Hash List? 📥💼

To get your hands on a series hash list, it’s as easy as a few clicks! Just head to your avatar, hop over to your profile, select the series you’re interested in, and click on those three little dots. Voila! The option to download the hash list will be right there waiting for you. 🖱️🔗

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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