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Tips on How to become a successful artist on Exchange Art

• Grow your community and follow more people.
• If you want people to follow and interact it is important to do the same
• use keywords, hashtags, tags, and links in your bio and content - connect with other creators
• collaborative collections
• Aim for growing your follow/ers to a fixed additional number per week (slow, avoid bans)
• contact prominent members of the Solana community
• spend time thinking and scheduling Twitter posts
• set the price of each NFT with a long-term strategy
• Assemble releases according to a schedule and stick to it - define a limited number of works for a collection
We encourage you to continue to grow in the community and seek to connect with other creators and collectors, using tags and hashtags from Exchange. Greetings and best of luck!

Updated on: 11/07/2023

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